Books written by "He Wei"

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Classical Gardens
ISBN: 9787112086542 | Publisher: China Architecture and Building Press | Published on 11/2006
Chinese classical gardens are an important part of traditional Chinese culture. This photo album, jointly published by the China Building Industry...

The Sound of Mahatma - The Most Beautiful Artifacts from Ancient China
ISBN: 9787501019793 | Publisher: Cultural Relics Publishing House | Published on 11/2006
This is a photo album recording the most beautiful artifacts from ancient China. The photos are selected from rare artifacts in the collection of...

A Concise English-Chinese Dictionary of World Canals
ISBN: 9787305242762 | Publisher: Nanjing University Press | Published on 09/2021

Advanced Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Usage (Illustrated)
ISBN: 9787513818599 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2020

Lactic Acid Bacteria: Bioengineering and Industrial Applications
ISBN: 9787030691316 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 03/2022

International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine (2 Edition): Ophthalmology in Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 9787117277372 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 01/2019
About Author Liang Li-na(梁丽娜)Dr.Liang has practiced ophthalmology since 1997,havlng received her Master in Integrative Ophthalmology (ChInese and...

Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 7117127260,9787117127264 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 08/2010
Spinal Orthopedics in Chinese Medicine is a groundbreaking book thateffectively integrates our current knowledge of spinal biomechanics with...
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2008 Olympic Memory of China
ISBN: 9787508514819 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 01/2009
On August 8 to 24, 2008, people met in Beijing under the Olympic name to participate in the sports event of healthiness, strength and beauty. The...

Hulunbuir Ethnic Cultural Relics and Archaeology Series: Chen Barag Banner
ISBN: 9787501039555 | Publisher: Cultural Relics Publishing House | Published on 01/2014
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Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi
ISBN: 9787807619338 | Publisher: Yuelu Publishing House | Published on 10/2012