Books written by "He Ming"

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Memory of the Old Home in Sketches:Folklore of Xiangxi
ISBN: 7507737608, 9787507737608 | Publisher: Academy Press | Published on 04/2011

English-Chinese Translation for International Business (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787040318203 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 06/2011
Business English Translation - 2nd edition - (English - Chinese)

Formation and Swarm Flying: Dynamics, Control and Design
ISBN: 9787512428775 | Publisher: Beihang University Press | Published on 02/2019
The aim of this book is to introduce the novel approaches for the study of relative dynamics modelling, control, and design of formation and swarm...

Traditional Processing and Modern Studies
ISBN: 9787513271554 | Publisher: China Traditional Medication Publishing House | Published on 11/2021

Yunnan Studies
ISBN: 9787513009652 | Publisher: Intellectual Property Publishing House | Published on 01/2012

Basics of Statistics and Statistical Application with Excel
ISBN: 9787122353511 | Publisher: Chemical Industry Press | Published on 12/2019
The edition of Basics of Statistics and Statistical Application with Excel emphasizes concepts of statistics,statistical methods are carefully...

The Art Book of Chinese Paintings(Cultural China)
ISBN: 9781592650514 | Publisher: Better Link Press | Published on 01/2006
The beautiful, ancient art of Chinese painting is one that features the predominant use of lines to delineate objects. During thousands of years of...
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National Projected Textbook for Pharmacy: Pharmacology
ISBN: 9787117241205 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 08/2017

Chinese Ancient Love Stories: The Story of the Lute (English-Chinese)
ISBN: 7800055515/9787800055515 | Publisher: New World Press | Published on 09/1999
The Story of the Lute is a rare blossom in the garden of Chinese classical opera. It encapsulates the sterling qualities of the Chinese people, and...
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Selected Ancient Chinese Paintings: The Legend of Buddhism (Li Ming [Qing Dynasty])
ISBN: 9787514906431 | Publisher: China Bookstore Publishing House | Published on 01/2013