Books written by "Fu Hua"

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Jump High - A Systematic Chinese Course: Writing Textbook Ⅱ
ISBN: 9787561936221 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 11/2013
Usage Advice: To be used together with Writing Workbook Ⅱ of Jump High. It takes one academic year with two class hours per week or one academic term...

The Porcelain from the Chai Kiln of Later Zhou in the Chinese Five Dynasties
ISBN: 9787542649782 | Publisher: Shanghai Joint Publishing House | Published on 12/2014
This book is the first release of the primary kiln, Chai kiln china in later Zhou Dynasty. Hundreds of colorful illustrations, along with detailed...

Chinese Food Life Care
ISBN: 9787508518923 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 01/2011

Chinese Ancient Clothing
ISBN: 7501014728, 9787501014729 | Publisher: Cultural Relics Publishing House | Published on 02/2004

Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Clothing
ISBN: 9787508540139 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 08/2018
In the Chinese way of describing the necessities of life, clothing ranks at the top of “clothing, food, shelter and means of travel”,...

Grotto Art of China: Maiji Mountain
ISBN: 9787534461187 | Publisher: Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 07/2013
“麦积山者,北跨清渭,南渐两当,五百里岗峦,麦积处其半,崛起一块石,高百万寻,望之团团,如农家积麦之状,故有此名”。 Editor's Recommendation...

Selected Ancient Chinese Paintings: Flowers and Birds Painting Album (Hua Yan [Qing Dynasty])
ISBN: 9787514906998 | Publisher: China Bookstore Publishing House | Published on 01/2013

Around Town Tour and Guide Shanghai (China) [paperback]
ISBN: 9787532267682 | Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 04/2011
Welcome to Shanghai! After a bedazzling tour in the cosmopolitan city and its ultra-modcrn skyscrapers and shopping malls, Wouldn't you care for a...

The Selected Poems of Du Fu
ISBN: 9787543860155,7543860155 | Publisher: Hunan People's Press | Published on 10/2009

High Performance Enterprises Management
ISBN: 9787560632612 | Publisher: Xidian University Press | Published on 01/2014
This book makes in-depth and refined analysis on the basic elements of modern enterprises' operation (Vision, Mission, Shared Value, Goals,...