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Chinese Architecture: Palaces, Gardens, Temples and Dwellings
ISBN: 9787508533841, 7508533844 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 05/2016 | Series: Cultural China Series
Someone says that to understand a country, one may begins from its architecture, since architecture is a concentration of history of human life, a...

Chinese Culture: Architecture
ISBN: 9787508527413 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 05/2015 | Series: Chinese Culture Series | Reviews:

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou
ISBN: 9787802285088 | Publisher: China Translation and Publishing Corporation | Published on 01/2008 | Reviews:
This is a series of books about the contents and grace of the World Heritage sites in China. It is also a splendid chapter that records the...

Palace Architecture - Imperial Palaces of the Last Dynasty (The Excellence of Ancient Chinese Architecture) (English Edition)
ISBN: 9787112141210,7112141214 | Publisher: China Construction Industry Press | Published on 06/2012 | Series: The Excellence of Ancient Chinese Architecture
The sophistication of ancient Chinese architecture gives it a specialplace within the architecture of the world. There are magnificentimperial...

Chinese Vernacular Dwellings: People's Daily Life with Their House
ISBN: 9787508516974 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 01/2010

Chinese Gardens - Culture China Series (Ebook)
ISBN: 9787508503677 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 12/2003 | Series: Culture China Series | Reviews:
Ebook in PDF format, sample can be found here Walking into a Chinese garden,one cannot help but be enchanted by its uniqueoriental flavor;and walking...

City Heritage: Appreciation of Modern Architecture in Dalian
ISBN: 9787561160169,756116016X | Publisher: Dalian University of Technology Press | Published on 02/2011

Highlights of China: Chinese Art
ISBN: 9787212077075 | Publisher: Anhui People's Publishing House | Published on 09/2015 | Series: Highlights of China

Folk Houses South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058713 | Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press | Published on 09/2009 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
For the purpose of collecting data, the author visitedmany villages in the region south of the Yangtze to makeon-the-spot investigations of hundreds...

Ancient Architectures in Beijing: Temple of Heaven
ISBN: 9787302197768 | Publisher: Tsinghua University Press | Published on 05/2009 | Series: Ancient Architectures in Beijing

Ancient Chinese architecture is not only a source of reference for modern Chinese design, it has also had an international influence and attracted global attention. Moreover, architectural remains in China reveal much about the history of this ancient civilisation. The palaces, gardens, temples, tombs and dwellings of the Chinese people reflect, for example, the military achievements of the Qin emperor, the spirit of the Tang Dynasty, the palace intrigues of the Ming Dynasty, the diversity of Chinese culture through the ages and the skill of countless generations of craftsmen and laborers. Chinese Architecture provides an accessible, illustrated introduction to this essential part of China's cultural heritage.