A World of Looms: Weaving Technology and Texitle Arts

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Table of Contents
1. Origins, Transmission, and Future
2. Classification of Looms
East Asia
3. Early Chinese Looms
4. Cloth Production in Ancient Tianluoshan
5. Chinese Imperial Workshop Looms
6. Minority Looms of Southwest China
7. Japanese, Ainu, and Korean Looms
8. Voice of the Weaver: Hangzhou
Southeast Asia
9. Mainland Southeast Asian Looms
10. Insular Southeast Asian Looms
11. Voice of the Weaver: Palembang and Muang Kham
South Asia
12. Indian Looms
13. Voice of the Weaver: Varanasi
Central and Southwest Asia
14. Central and West Asian Looms
15. Traditional Weaving of Uzbeldstan
16. Voice of the Weaver: Margilan and Ardakan
17. African Looms
18. Madagascan Looms
19. Voice of the Weaver: Analamanga, Ambalavao, and Tema
20. Ancient European Looms
21. Voice of the Weaver: Two Ancient Tales
The Americas
22. The Andean Loom and the Making of Four-Selvedged Cloth
23. Voice of the Weaver: Cusco
The Jacquard Loom and After
24. The Development of the Jacquard Loom
East Asia: Archaeological Evidence from China
East Asia: Present-Day Looms from China
East Asia: The Korean Peninsula
Mainland Southeast Asia
Insular Southeast Asia
South Asia
Central and Southwest Asia
The Americas
The Jacquard Loom and After
A World of Looms: Weaving Technology and Texitle Arts