A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture

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Author: Zhang Yajun; Guo Hui;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercopy
Page: 255
Publication Date: 07/2008
ISBN: 9787802004009
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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The book introduces the important aspects of traditional Chinese culture in 14 topics, covering Chinese characters, numbers, animals, plants, colors, food, festivals, names and cross-cultural communication and so on. Special emphasis is placed on comparing and examining the different culture and customs of both the East and the West to help readers get a deeper understanding of China and its culture.
Apart from serving as an interesting leisure reading material, the book can be used as a supplementary reading material of Chinese study. Each text, with English translation, is followed by sections such as Words, Notes and Examples, and Super Links. Readers can choose to do extensive or intensive reading based on their own needs.
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A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture