680 Comprehensive Expressions for HSK (Advanced)

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Level: Advanced

680 Comprehensive Expressions for HSK (Advanced) is a HSK-oriented book for advanced Chinese learners. This book has two parts. The first part, which practices one of the testing items in HSK—Comprehensive Expression, contains a total of 680 sample questions and self-testing questions as well as the answers and explanations to these questions; the second part, which analyzes the grammar of these words, discriminates the synonyms of notional words, functional words and idioms and explains the important and difficult grammatical points for students’ reference.  

About the Author
Liang Hongyan, the Director of Tianying Language Institute and an experienced HSK teacher, has taught foreigners Chinese language for over ten years. She has developed unique teaching methods, which can make foreigner students make great progress after a short time. As a result, Liang enjoys great popularity among HSK training schools. She has published many HSK tutoring books, examples include Simulated Tests of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) and Simulated Tests of HSK (Advanced).
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680 Comprehensive Expressions for HSK (Advanced)