A Chinese - English Dictionary of Chinese Idioms

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Author: Pan Weigui;
Language: Chinese & Pinyin & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 1115
Publication Date: 01/1997
ISBN: 7800522377
Publisher: Sinolingua Press

Concise and comprehensive, Chinese idioms often make readers think a lot about their strong cultural connotations; hence the distinguishing feature of the Chinese language. The Chinese like to use idioms in speaking and writing. It is a distinguishing feature of their use of the language. Chinese idioms are used improperly at times by even the Chinese themselves.

Contais 2,327 commonly-used Chinese idioms, including a small number of set phrases.

Compiled mainly for foreigners with medium-level knowledge of Chinese, and for Chinse readers as well.

Consists of four parts: phonetic notation, meaning, usage and examples.

The meaning and usage of each idiom is provided in both Chinese and English.

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A Chinese - English Dictionary of Chinese Idioms