21st Century Chinese Contemporary Literature Library: The Last Subway

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21st Century Chinese Contemporary Literature Library sereis, with the scholars and the literary critics and other senior professionals that are active in the Chinese contemporary literature research field as its editors, selects the literary works with different themes, genres and styles that were published on Chinas various mainstream literary periodicals, newspaper supplements and other publications around 2000. The authors are all the famous writers in Chinese contemporary literary world, such as Wang Meng, Tie Ning, Wang Anyi, Chi Zijian, Chen Zhongshi, etc. The works are very original in theme, which can fully reflect the characteristics and development tendency of Chinese contemporary literature. This book selects the latest novles by Li Er, Jiang Yitan, Di An, Qi Ge, Xiang Zuotie, Ji Juan, etc.
Table of Contents
Li Jingze
21 st Century Chinese Literature
-- Chinese Literature to the West
Deng Yiguang
Shenzhen is Located at 22°27'-22°52'N
Xiao Hang
The Gift
Wang Shou
Death of a Playboy
Han Song
The Last Subway
Qiu Huadong
Friend of the Moon
Zhang Yueran
Weird Auntie
Xu Zechen
Outdoor Film
Xue Yiwei
The Taxi Driver
Wang Gang
Recollections of the Hunan Cemetery
Cai Dong
The Holiday Monk Returns
Chen Qian
Coming Downstairs
Mei Yi
Dreamed to Death
Li Zishu
The Northern Border
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21st Century Chinese Contemporary Literature Library: The Last Subway