Полный тематический разговорник китайского языка +1MP3

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The book provides a complete guide for foreigners who make their first trip or are planning to come to China for traveling, work or study. It provides more than 600 practical sample sentences classified according to the language function. The language materials are communicative and functional. With well-chosen topics and situations, abundant practical sample sentences, rich background information and culture knowledge, and typical and practical short conversations, the manual can be a great help for the foreigners' life and work in China. As a pocket book, it is easy for carrying; with four-color printing, it also contains a lot of interesting illustrations. There is also an additional MP3 CD with the recording of all the sentences in the book.

全书600多个简单句子按照功能分类排列,突出功能性、交际性,另外还附有相关汉语知识、文化常识、日常标志、名胜古迹等实用性信息。中英文对照,条理清晰,便于学习者查询,是初来中国或初接触汉语的学习者的必备汉语手册。  该书形式上采用小开本口袋书形式,便于携带;内文四色印刷,生动活泼;另配录音MP3 1盘,录有本书全部句子。

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Полный тематический разговорник китайского языка +1MP3