Random Notes by the Sickbed

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Random Notes by the Sickbed is a collection of Ji Xianlin's articles from 2001 to 2006. These articles record his interactions with doctors and nurses; recoUections of childhood and adolescence; memories ofrelatives, friends and teachers; and thoughts onissues such as public morality and the relationship between humanity and nature. His natural and conase expression of true emotion has touched numerous readers.
The Chinese edition of Random Notes by the Sickbed was first published by the NewWorld Press in 2007.It was revised and republished in 2021 to commemorate the llOth anniversary of Mr.Ji's birth. The English edition is translated from the revised Chinese edition.
Table of Contents
Hope for a New Life
In Sickness
Going Home
Third Admission to the 301 Hospital
Random Recollections in the Sickroom
Pomegranate Flowers
More on Old Age
Four Health Tips for Seniors
Ignorance Is a Bliss
On Ignorance and Unconventionality
On Female Beauty
Pass Away with a Smile
A Poem by Chang Jian

Remembrances of Things Past
Elementary and High School Days: A Brieflntroduction
Elementary School Attached to the No. 1 Teachers' College
Xinyu Elementary School
Zhengyi Middle School
Beiyuan High School
Jinan High School
Elementary and High School Days: A Summary
Taking the College Entrance Exams
at Peking University in 1930
Teaching Chinese at thejinan High School

Rernernbrances of Friends
In Memory of Zhang Tianlin
About Mr. Chen Yinke
Mourning Mr. Zhong Jingwen
In Memory of Mr. Zang Kejia
In Memory of Mr. Bajin
In Memory of Professor G. Haloun
What Has Proved Precious Was Formerly Seen
as Commonplace Only
In Memory of Uncle Ning Chaoxiu
Sister Lotus
Thoughts in Sickness
Random Notes by the Sickbed