You and Us: Stories o China and Israel Friendship

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Author: Gao Qiufu; He Beijian; Yao Zhengxian;
Language: English
Page: 224
Publication Date: 04/2014
ISBN: 9787508524627
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
There are many stories about the friendly exchanges and relations of China and Israel. The 12 stories selected in this book vividly show some pictures of them, they include the life support in the times of war and the passionate dedication in the years of peace, the great efforts made by the governments of both countries in developing the relations between the two countries, as well as the rich results in the pragmatic cooperation in different fields.
Table of Contents
Preface Cao Yao Yanping
Introduction Pan Guang
Past Years
Abraham Olmert's Chinese Red Lantern
Doctor Rosenfeld
"He was not an Angel He was Godi"
He Made Yesterday Once More
Shakin8 Hands
Peres'Affection with China
Past Events in Establishing Diplomatic Relations
From Hong Kong to Beijing
How Was Xinhua News Agency Branch in Israel Established
Memories ofa Water Conservancy Engineer
A Beautiful Tango
My Lucky Chance with Israel
Beijing Sino—Israeli Demonstration Farm
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You and Us: Stories o China and Israel Friendship