Ying Xiu - After the Earthquake

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On May 12, 2008, at 2:28pm, the Wenchuan Earthquake struck the area and caused unprecedented damage to the entire region by turning the town of Yingxiu into rubble. The city of Dongguan was destined to shape the history of Yingxiu. One town in the north-west mountainous areas of Sichuan, and another in the southern vast grasslands of Guangdong were brought together to create a shared destiny for their peoples in a touching story of sincere, brotherly love.

About the Author
Guo Yanli was a graduate of Beijing Normal University with a degree in Chinese Literature. She is a member of the China Writers Association, as well as a contracted writer at the Ba Jinwen Institute (Sichuan province) and at the Dongguan Academy of Arts (Guangdong province). Guo Yanli is a prolific writer whose publications vary from novels to prose, poetry, and media reports in national newspapers; she is also the author of the widely acclaimed novel Trapped in the Sand.

Table of Contents
Springtime in Yingxiu
CHAPTER 1 The Origins of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 2 The Rainbows of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 3 The Smile of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 4 The Sunshine over Yingxiu
CHAPTER 5 The Key to Yingxiu
CHAPTER 6 The Son of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 7 The Tears of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 8 The Bright Moon of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 9 The Blush of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 10 The Long Poem of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 11 The Fairy Tale of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 12 The Language of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 13 The Slogan of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 14 The Trends of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 15 The Idyll of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 16 The World of Yingxiu
CHAPTER 17 The Distant Town of Yingxiu
Translator’s Footnotes
Ying Xiu - After the Earthquake