Xuancheng Statistical Yearbook 2010

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 09/2010
Xuancheng Statistical Yearbook 2010 is a very important reference book, which contains High-density information, The book contains all kinds data of Xuancheng's social and economic development in 2009, and data in signification year or data since the beginning of reform and opening up.
Table of Contents
  1. General Survey:
  2. Population;
  3. Employment and Wages of staff and workers;
  4. Investment in Fixed Assets;
  5. Consumption of Energy;
  6. Government Finance and Banking;
  7. People's Livelihood;
  8. City Construction and Environment Protection;
  9. Agriculture;
  10. Industry;
  11. Construction;
  12. Transport, Post and Telecommunication Services;
  13. Domestic Trade;
  14. Foreign trade and Tourism;
  15. Education, Science & Technology and Culture;
  16. Sports, Public Health;
  17. Civil Administration and Law;
  18. Enterprises survey. 
Xuancheng Statistical Yearbook 2010