Xi Jinping - Zhejiang, China: A New Vision For Development

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Xi Jinping is the principal founder of the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. While working in Zhejiang Province on the eastern coast of China, he developed farsighted ideas on subjects such as general reform, innovative,coordinated, green, open and inclusive development, the rule of law, Chinese culture, social stability, and Party building, and put many of these ideas to the test. He also formulated some major policies like the "Eight Strengths and Eight Measures Strategy."All these proved to be effective theoretical and practical innovations in socialism with Chinese characteristics at the provincial level.

This book is a collection of the 232 essays written by Xi Jinping for ZHEjiang Daily's column "Zhejiang, China:A New Vision for Development" between February 2003 and March 2007. Unadorned, insightful and clear, these articles reflect his deliberations on how to apply the Central Committee's decisions and plans to Zhejiang's practical context, and his ideas on promoting balanced social and economic development in Zhejiang. They are masterpieces in the use of Marxist stances, opinions and methods to observe, analyze and solve problems.

The Chinese edition of the book, first published in August 2007 and reprinted in November 2013, has aroused great interest among readers. To help the international community to know more about Xi Jinping and better understand China and the CPC in the current age, the Foreign Languages Press and Zhejiang People's Publishing House are jointly pubLishing multiple language editions of the book. For the convenience of international read-ers, some articles in the foreign language editions have been appended with useful endnotes.

Table of Contents
Field Research Must Incorporate "Depth,Pragmatism,
Thoroughness,Accuracy,and Efficacy"
February 25,2003
Officials Cannot Be Cultivated like Greenhouse Plants
June 16,2003
Seek a Clear Consaence Before the People Rather than
Personal Power
June 18,2003
Prioritize Support for People in Difficulties
]uly 8,2003
The Road Lies Before Us
]uly 11,2003
Theoretical Study Requires Three Perspectives
]uly 13,2003
Establish Five Noble Sentiments
]uly 17,2003
Uphold Major Principles and Be Flexible in Minor Matters
]uly 18,2003
CulturalWorks Should Also Have "Box Office Value"
]uly 20,2003
Officials Should Not Be Misled into Focusing Exclusively on
"Governance by Ballot"
]uly 21,2003
Cast the Net Wider when Bringing in New Personnel
August 2,2003
Drought Relief Must Focus on the People
August 7,2003
Environmental Protection Requires Voluntary and
Conscious Action
August 8,2003
Private Capital Has Great Potential
August 11,2003
It's Better to Walk on Two Legs
August 12,2003
Do Good Things in the Right Way
August 23,2003
Think Boldly but Seek Evidence Carefully in Pilot Programs
S eptember 70,2003
Strive to Create a "Creditworthy Zhejiang"
September 15,2003
Strengthen the Preservation of West Lake Cultural Heritage
September 29,2003
We Need a Global Vision and Strategic Thinking
November 6,2003
Strengthen Unity
November 11,2003
Orchestrate a Multitude of Voices into a Symphony
November 13,2003
Perform a Well-Coordinated "Duet Dance"
November 11,2003
Select the Worthy and Capable Through Multiple Pairs of Eyes
November 27,2003
Informal Remarks Reveal Whether the People Are Satisfied After an
Official Leaves Office
November 24,2003
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