Together on A Shared Journey: 100 Stories of the Communist Party of China in International Communication

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Language: English
Page: 397
Publication Date: 09/2022
ISBN: 9787119131825
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
The interaction and exchanges between civilizations are only possible when both sides make an effort. China and the CPC have maintained friendly exchanges with foreign friends throughout the years and also in this new era. These touching stories that transcend time, national borders, and ethnicity are truly fascinating.
Table of Contents
Revolution: Fight for a Bright Future
I Felt a Vibrant Hope, Passion and the Unbeatable Strength of Mankind
This Army Is the Hope of China and Asia
China Is Where I Wanted to Stay Forever
I've Fallen in Love with Your Cause
He Is the Representation of Peasants Who Account for 80 Percent of the Population in His Country
The Hope of China's War of Resistance Lies in the Northwest
Foreigners Begin to Know More About China
I Shall Never Forget You, Yan'an
CPC Has Won the Respect and Cooperation of the People
Yan'an Was the Shape of Things to Come in China
CPC Kindled Hope for Many Young People
Yan'an Is the Beacon and Hope for the Chinese People
Here I See China's Hope
Yan'an: A "Lab of Democracy"
The Happiest and Most Meaningful Two Years in My Life
A Communist Sharing a Close Bond with the People
Has Enormous Courage and Strength
I Had Some Pretty Swell People to Learn From
The Eighth Route Army Treats Us as Friends,
Brothers and Comrades
As if I'm from the Outer Space, But I Feel Very
Much at Home
China's Cause is My Own Cause
Friendship Witnessed by the Sky
Stories of Separation and Reunion in China-Japan Friendship
The Governments and Armies are Genuinely of the People
The CPC: Representing the Fundamental Interests of the Masses
A Bright Future Lies Ahead, But Not Without Twists and Turns
I Heard the Last Artillery Fire of the Huaihai Campaign
Reconstruction: The Song of the Land of China
Reform: Shared Development
The New Eta: A Shared Future
Together on A Shared Journey: 100 Stories of the Communist Party of China in International Communication