The Way of Prairies: Grasslands and Human Civilization

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Author: HAO YI DONG;
Language: English
Page: 342
Publication Date: 06/2014
ISBN: 9787119087702
China is a vast agricultural country. Its prairie culture and grassland economy are a major component of the Chinese civilization and economy. Combining narration with rich historical materials, this book presents a panoramic description of steppe life and activity in the successive historical stages of hunting, nomadism, and modern animal husbandry. The book compares the ricissitudes of nomadism on the Mongolian Plateau with life on the grasslands of other nations and elaborates on the sustainable development of the steppe economy. Taking meat from the grassland as an example, the author aspires to galvanize his readers with his own passion.

Hao Yidong has an academic background in animal husbandry, and worked in Inner Mongolia for many years. During the years through which he rose from animal husbandry technician to vice chairman .of the government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, he developed a profound affection for and a thorough understanding of the grasslands. This book epitomizes his studious and diligent devotion to his workf as well as a global peispective from one who has viewed his subject from a strategically advantageous situation.
  ——Cheng Siwei Former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, former chairman of China National Democratic Construction Associationr and honoruy president and doctoral supervisor of East China University of Science and Technology
"The Way of Heaven rewards the ditigent; the Way of Earth rewards the rirtuous; the Way of Man rewards the honest; the Way of Business rewards the credible; and the Way of Professionalism rewards the e'xcelsior." Hao Yidong is proficient in all the five Ways of Heaven. Earth. Man, economics and professionaLism. This book takes me on a journey from past to present. fiom the grassland-where I myself lived to other prairies aR over the world, and pro.rides a clear picture of theix historical vicissitudes.
  ——Jia Youling Former chief veterinary officer. former chief economist and chief animal husbandry engineer of Ministry of Agricutture. and president of Chinese Veterinary Association
This book tells a story of histoiy and current reality, of domestic conditions and foreign experience, of theoretical knowledge and empirical investigation of the prairies. It is thought-provoking in its treatment of protecting grassland ecology. improving standards of living, ensuring food security, transforming economic growth patternst realizing sustainable development, and enharxing the international competitiveness of China's animal husbandry industry.
  ——Hao Shiyuan Academician and research fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, president of Chinese Association of Ethnology. president of Chinese Association for Ethnohistory. and president of World Ethnology Society of China
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Steppe Routeways and East-West Exchanges
Eurasian Steppes: The Ancient East-West Thoroughfare
Traces of Exchanges in Tme Immemorial
Waves of Exchange in the Alteration of Nomadic Empires
Summary of the Roles of Eurasian Thoroughfare
Reading Materials: Concept and Connotation of "Prairie Silk Road"
Reading Materials: Tibetan Buddhist Temple by the Baltic Sea

Chapter 2
Changing Face of Nomadism
General Knowledge of Nomadism
19 Head: Upper Limit for Per-capita Livestock Holdings
Unchanged for Three Millennia
Evolution and Transformation of Nomadic Lifestyle
Reading Materials: Postscript to Intensive GrasslandAnimal Husbandry

Chapter 3
Meat from Grassland-Timeless Treasure
American Beef Dominating World Market
Heritage and Development of Inner Mongolian Meat
Prairie Meat: Competing for Customers
Prairie Meat Products from Other Parts of the World
Secrets of Prairie Meat Flavor

Chapter 4
Modernization of Animal Husbancjry in Grassland Areas
Different Outcomes of Nomadic History
"Cells" of Modernization
Division of Labor and Cooperation
Path to Modernization
Reading Materials: Ordos' Exemplary Project of Establishing Standards for a Modern Animal Husbandry Industry (Abridged)
Postscript for the English Edition

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The Way of Prairies: Grasslands and Human Civilization