The Peony Pavilion

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Sample pages of The Peony Pavilion (ISBN:9787040296648)

这 天清晨,陈最良早早来到学堂,等了很久也不见杜小姐的身影,便起身叫道:“春香,快请小姐出来听解书!”这才看到杜小姐素妆淡抹,带着小、r环春香,缓缓 走进书堂。杜丽娘恭敬地向陈最良行礼,口里说道:“先生万福!”陈最良一脸严肃地教导道:“女孩子,应该鸡鸣起床,先向父母问安。如今你们正在读书,应当 早起。”丽娘连忙答道:“以后不敢了。”
The family tutor whom Du Bao engaged for his daughter was called Chen Zuiliang,an old xiucai who was well acquainted with The Four Books and The Five Classics.Though he was well over sixty,he had not passed the provincial examinations,and was rather pedantic.Early one morning,Chen Zuiliang got to the family sch001.He waited and waited,but Du Liniang did not show up.He rose to his feet and shouted,“Chunxiang,ask you rmistress to come for her lessons!”Soon Du Liniang,in fresh light make-up,strolledinto the reading room followed by her maid Chunxiang.Du Liniang greeted Chen Zuiliang,saying,“Boundless happiness to my teacher!”Chen Zuiliang instructed herwith a grave face,“To be a lady,you must get UP when the cock first crows and ask after the health of yourparents.At present your workis to study,and you must get UP early.”“1 won’t be late again.”replied Du Liniang at once.

The Peony Pavilion