The Governance of China in the New Era: Breaking the Cycle of Rise and Fall

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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, the drive to develop socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The past decade has seen the country forging ahead and embracing historic changes, with remarkable achievements made by the Party and the state.
So how did China make these achievements? What are the secrets to the CPC's governance of China? What is the key to the success of China's governance in the new era?
This book covers such important topics as 'how to break the cycle of rise and fall', 'whole-process people's democracy', 'self-reform and social revolution', 'cyber governance', and 'Chinese-style modernization', reveals the secrets to the success of China's governance in the new era, and shares China's wisdom and solutions with the world.
Table of Contents
Introduction: The Integration of 'Governance of Party' with 66Governance of State in the New Era
Historical significance of the 'New Era'
'National governance' essential for building 'a strong country'
'To do a good job of governing the country, we must first do a good job of governing the Party, and that means governing it strictly'
Chapter 1 How to Break the Historical Cycle of Rise and Fall?
The introduction of 'historical cycle' and Mao Zedong's answer
The second answer from Xi Jinping
Approaching the governance of China in the new era from the perspective of relationships between the two answers
Chapter 2 Whole-process People's Democracy
A Shanghai woman's talk about 'color revolution'
Chinese democracy is the whole-process people's democracy
China's unique consultative democracy
The rule of law and the rule of virtue
Chapter 3 Advancing the Party's Self-reform and Social Revolution Simultaneously
The development and practical significance of Xi Jinping's thought on 'self-reform'
The philosophical and historical pillars and connotations of the thought on 'the Party's self-reform'
Improve the new civilized Party through self-reform
Chapter 4 Cyber Governance Is Put on the Agenda
On the 'addiction to online games'
Governance of a 'smart society'
A quiet revolution and 'the governance of China'
Build a community of shared future in cyberspace
Build concentric circles online and offline
Chapter 5 Bright Prospects of Chinese-style Modernization
Blaze a uniquely Chinese path to modernization in national rejuvenation
The uniquely Chinese path to modernization has created a new model of human civilization
Modernize national governance system and capacity
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The Governance of China in the New Era: Breaking the Cycle of Rise and Fall