The ABC of Chinese (with 1 CD-ROM)

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Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Publication Date: 12/2006
ISBN: 9787303082513
This teaching material is edited by professors Chen Fu and Zhang Hesheng from College of Chinese Language and Culture BNU, with 15 foreign-Chinese teaching senior experts participated in the compilation, and completed under the supervision of The Office of Chinese Language Council International.

This series comprises textbooks, exercise books, a CD-Rom for teaching and an MP3 for students' listening. It arranges vocabulary according to "Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary & Chinese Character Placement Syllabus". It uses multimedia means---texts, pictures, voice and animations---to create an interactive environment for learners. By studying the whole set of 6 textbooks, beginners of Chinese can acquire the vocabulary, grammar and listening skills to reach the intermediate Level of HSK.
The ABC of Chinese (with 1 CD-ROM)