Textbooks for The Four TCM Classical Courses: Selected readings from jingui yaolue

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Author: Chen Zhaozhi; Chen Jiaxu;
Language: English
Format: 27.2 x 20 x 3 cm
Page: 201
Publication Date: 05/2018
ISBN: 9787117255523
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
Series: Textbooks for The Four TCM Classical Courses
About Author

Prof.Zhaozhi Cheng,graduated from Hubei TCM University inChina,and then worked at a countryside hospital in Western Hubeiprovince as a TCM physician.Afterwards,he had taught Neijing,diagnostics and other courses in Hubei TCM University as aninstructor,professor and mentor for doctoral candidate,and chieflywrote and published 6 personal TCM works and 77 papers.Since2007,he has been invited and come to Canada as a TCM seniorinstructor.Now he teaches four TCM classical courses,TCMinternal medicine,Case Study and other TCM courses in bothEnglish and Chinese in PCU College of Holistic Medicine andTianyi Health Group in Vancouver,and also engages in TCMclinical work as a registered TCM practitioner.Dr.1iaxu Chen is Chair Professor,Changjiang Scholar,Director of the State”Level Subj ect of Chinese Medicine Diagnostics in Beijing University ofChinese Medicine fBUCM).Chair Professor&Dean of School of ChineseMedicine,Iinan University(INU),Director of TCM Formula—SyndromeResearch Center of JNU,and Recipient of the Distinguished Young Scholarin National Science Foundation of China(NSFC).

He obtained his bachelor degree from Hubei University of TraditionalChinese Medicine in 1988,and further obtained his master's and Ph.D.degrees from BUCM.Dr.Chen is a specialist in traditional Chinesemedicine.For many years,he has been concentrating his efforts on theresearch of traditional Chinese medicine,and has published more than 10books and over 300 papers.

Being a renowned expert and academic in the field,Prof Chen has beenappointed as Member of Committee of Beijing Natural SciencesFoundation,he also currently serves as Vice—Chairperson of SpecialtyCommittee of Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine of WorldFederation of Chinese Medicine Societies(WFCMS),and Vice—Chairperson of Specialty Committee of Li Shizhen Medicine of WFCMS.

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Article 8 discusses a type of consumptive debility resulting from loss of the kidney essence leading to deficiency of the kidney Yang.Frequent or protracted seminal emission in a man, or sexual intercourse while dreaming (Mengjiao梦交) in a woman, gives rise to loss of kidney essence, then further to the deficiency of the kidney Yang or/and disharmony between the heart and kidney, thus manifested as frequent nocturnalemission (Mengyi梦遗) or spermatorrhea (Huajing滑精) , or sexualintercourse while dreaming in woman, dizziness, blurred vision, shedding of the hair, contracted pain in the lateral lower abdomen。
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Textbooks for The Four TCM Classical Courses: Selected readings from jingui yaolue