Tending the Roots of Wisdom - Library of Chinese Classics

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Author: Hong Yingming;
Language: Chinese-English
Publication Date: 12/2003
ISBN: 9787801871541
Publisher: New World Press
Tending the Roots of Wisdom is a book of aphorisms written in essay form, mainly dealing with the topic of how to conduct one's life properly. Employing a wealth of quotations and elegant phrasing, its observations explain profound truths in simple terms and provide much food for thought. Aimed at helping the reader to mold his values and temper his will, it is a book for ordinary people who are prepared to make efforts to improve themselves. This work, after all, was compiled some 400 years ago. So, while making use of it as a mirror for self-reflection, we must bear in mind that it also contains some feudal dross, and be careful to discard those of the "roots" which are rotten.
The original text, which was written in classical Chinese, is taken from one of the most popular editions, and the English translation was contributed by Paul White, an Englishman well versed in Chinese culture. For the convenience of the readers, the editor has provided a modern Chinese version, and placed it along with the original text.
Tending the Roots of Wisdom - Library of Chinese Classics