Teletubbies: Music and Dancing Bring up a Genius (18 DVDs)

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: 18 DVDs
Publication Date: 07/2011
ISBN: 9787881014258
Publisher: Jiuzhou Audio-Video Publishing Company
Audio Format:  DD 5.1
Voiceover Commentary: English, Chinese
Region Code: ALL

Please Note: This DVD sets are with 0 or ALL region code, which means they can be played worldwide, i.e. in Regions 1 - 6 DVD players. As the DVD sets adopt PAL TV systems, they should be played on a PAL supported TV or in any DVD player that has a built-in signal converter. Most of the DVD players do have this functionality.
Table of Contents
01 来和天线宝宝跳舞      
02 准备...站好...开始...
03 跟着音乐跳起来
04 欢乐颂
05 户外活动真开心
06 运动真快乐
07 我爱我妹妹
08 越闹越有趣
09 淘气的奶牛
10 生日快乐 4 Happy Birthday 4
11 大风吹
12 和天线宝宝一起玩乐
13 快乐农场
14 跳跃真开心
15 玩闹真开心
16 音乐真开心
17 蓬蓬热舞
18 多美妙的音乐!
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Teletubbies: Music and Dancing Bring up a Genius (18 DVDs)