Studies on Modern Chinese Syntax (Chinese Version)

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Level: Advanced, Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者

Translated from English, Studies on Modern Chinese Syntax (Chinese Version) is an exquisite book in the series Forum of Chinese Teaching Experts. It includes altogether 28 of Teng Shou-hsin's works in linguistics, concerning Chinese theoretical grammar, language use, comparison between Mandarin and dialects, education of Chinese as a foreign language and many other aspects.
This book deals with profound topics in simple words. With abundant powerful examples and original ideas, it is an excellent reading material for researchers and learners of the Chinese language.

About the Author
Mr. Teng Shou-hsin holds a Ph.D. in linguistics got from University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Teng has successively held various posts in China and abroad, including professor and Dean of the Asian Languages and Literatures Department in University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Head of the Institute of Chinese Language in American Universities, Taipei, professor and Head of Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Director of Mandarin Training Center in Taiwan Normal University, visiting professor in Renmin University of China and Beijing Language and Culture University and chair professor of Wang Zesen Lecture in Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc. He is now a full-time professor of Chinese linguistics in Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand.
Mr. Teng has been engaged in the teaching and research of Chinese language for more than 40 years. His studies focused on Chinese Syntax at first and then shifted to Chinese Education. His research interests include pedagogical grammar, Chinese language testing, Chinese interlanguage and corpus studies. He is the author of many academic treatises, including Chinese Synonyms Usage Dictionary, 3000 Chinese Characters, Basic Modern Chinese Grammar, Studies on Modern Chinese Syntax and A Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese, and is the editor of several academic journals in the relevant fields.
Studies on Modern Chinese Syntax (Chinese Version)