Stories of Young Wisdom: Cao Chong Weighs the Elephant

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Author: Zhao Zhenwan;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 22.6 x 22.4 x 0.6 cm
Page: 30
Publication Date: 01/2015
ISBN: 9787510452505
Publisher: New World Press
Series: Stories of Young Wisdom

This is the second volume of Stories of Smart Children in Ancient China series. When Cao Chong was five or six years old, he was almost as smart as an adult. Once Sun Quan, the king of Wu Dynasty, sent a huge elephant to ask his subordinates about its weight. None of his subordinates knew how to weigh the elephant. However, Cao Chong said, Put this elephant in a big boat and mark where the water are on one side of the boat. Then take down the elephant and load the boat with other staff until the water come up to the mark again. Weigh the things on the boat and well know the weight of the elephant. This story tells us that we should think more and flexibly whenever we are confronted with problems.

Stories of Young Wisdom: Cao Chong Weighs the Elephant