Stories of Chinese Historical Figures of Yuan Dynasty

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Language: Chinese-English
Page: 173
Publication Date: 07/2005
ISBN: 9787561914762
As reading materials outside class, this Stories of Chinese Historical Figures Series is intended to the readers who have mastered a vocabulary of about 3000 common Chinese words. This series consists of 14 volumes: 2 for the Pre-Qin Period, 2 for the Qin-Han Period, 1 for the Period from the Wei-Jin to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, 2 for the Period from the Sui-Tang to the Five Dynasties, 2 for the Song, Liao, Jin, and Western Xia Dynasties, 1 for the Yuan Dynasty, 2 for the Ming Dynasty, and 2 for the Qing Dynasty.

The stories in this series span 5,000 years, the compilers have selected more than 300 various representative figures and related their life stories. Of these historical figures, some are emperors, generals and ministers, some are influential writers, artists and scientists, some are national heroes who strived for the prosperity of the Chinese nation, and some are disasters who earned themselves eternal infamy and are condemned by history. Each volume contains about 150,000 Chinese characters, and the whole series is 2,000,000 Chinese characters altogether.
Stories of Chinese Historical Figures of Yuan Dynasty