Standard Chinese (Revised Edition) Workbook1B

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Publication Date: 01/2007
ISBN: 9787107200100


Standard Chinese is a series of primary and secondary school teaching materials specially compiled for the children of Chinese students studying overseas, and also for those foreigners who wish to learn Chinese. The whole set consists of student’s books, teacher’s guides, workbooks, and Chinese readers. The whole set is uniformly standard and systematic, and is logically graded. The illustrations are beautifully laid out.In order to meet the demands of our learners,we started to work on revising Standard Chinese from the beginning of 2006.The revised editions consider the requirements of foreign children interested in learning Chinese lighten the learners’ burden and make things easier.The exercises are also richer and more lively in form.

Table of Contents
Table of contents: Standard Chinese (Revised Edition) Workbook1B (ISBN:9787107200100)
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Standard Chinese (Revised Edition) Workbook1B (ISBN:9787107200100)
Sample pages of Standard Chinese (Revised Edition) Workbook1B (ISBN:9787107200100)
Standard Chinese (Revised Edition) Workbook1B