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Chinese-English-Russian Handbook of Commercial Aircraft Engineering Management Terms (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787564373764 | Published on 04/2020

Design of High-speed Railway Turnouts:Theory and Applications
ISBN: 9787564338527 | Published on 07/2015

Overshooting Level 4
ISBN: 9787564335458 | Published on 01/2015

Carbon Emission Calculation Methods for Highway Tunnel Construction
ISBN: 9787564382643 | Published on 09/2021
This book introduces the research background and significance of carbon emissions in the tunnel industry and systematically reviewed the research...

Rail Transit Equipment and Maintenance
ISBN: 9787564372163 | Published on 11/2019
This textbook is one of the achievements of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Fund Project named "Skilled Talents in Rail Transit for...

Chinese-English-Russian Handbook of Commercial Aircraft Engineering Management Terms
ISBN: 9787564360450 | Published on 03/2018

Diver's Operation and Preparation on China Standard EMU
ISBN: 9787564389673 | Published on 04/2023 | Series: The Belt and Road Initiative Vocational Textbooks for Rail Transit Education

Principles of Railway Location and Design
ISBN: 9787564361372 | Published on 04/2018

Dynamic Analysis of High-Speed Railway Alignment Theory and Practice
ISBN: 9787564361358 | Published on 04/2018

Dynamic Game and its Application in Next-Generation Wireless and Communication Networks
ISBN: 9787564368999 | Published on 06/2019
Dynamic game has recently become a useful tool for modeling and studying various types of networks, which holds a significant role in the next...
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