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Old Calendar-Picture
ISBN: 9787805303061 | Published on 01/2002
Old calendar-picture are a kind of wonderful flower in the garden of Chinese painting. In the 20s through the 30s, calendar pictures were so loved by...

Shanghai Today
ISBN: 9787805309876 | Published on 01/2002
Shanghai is beautiful. Shanghai is progressing. Besides its ever growing population and more and more skyscrapers, old Shanghai and modern Shanghai...

Well-known Historical Town-- Zhujiajiao
ISBN: 9787805304114 | Published on 01/2002
Zhujiajiao is also known as Jujiege, or Juxi. It is located at Dianshan Lake, the joint of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. With its longstanding...

Five-Star Hotels in Shanghai
ISBN: 978780530985X | Published on 01/2002
There are about a dozen five-star hotels in Shanghai with different characteristics in architecture, facilities and services. These hotels undertake...

Free Parks in Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805309851 | Published on 01/2002
Eco-friendliness is a priority of Shanghai's urban construction. The past few years have witnessed the appearance of many large free parks downtown,...

New Cultural Structures in Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805309852 | Published on 01/2002
Shanghai has seen more cultural landmarks since the 1990s, some even with international impact. These structures help to promote the image of...

Shanghai Charm
ISBN: 9787805304459 | Published on 01/2001
Over 6,300 square kilometers, with a population of 13 mllion, Shanghai, only a town 700 years ago, has become a great cosmopolitan city. Since the...

The Customs of Old Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805307385 | Published on 01/2002
Part of the charm of Shanghai is her flow. Acceping many types reveals the opening awareness and self-confidence of the citizens of Shanghai. In one...

The Night View of Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805307881 | Published on 01/2002
Over 6,300 square kilometers, with a population of 13 mllion, Shanghai, only a town 700 years ago, hasbecome a great international city. Since the...

The Scenes of Old Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805307377 | Published on 01/2002
Shanghai is known as the center of industry and commerce in China. However, it was once a fishing villiage until the 13th century when it developed...

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