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Business In Shanghai Totay
ISBN: 9787805309264 | Published on 01/2002
A city's history is best represented by its business development. Some Shanghai brands have become relics of past glory. And now, Shanghai is gearing...

Five-Star Hotels in Shanghai
ISBN: 978780530985X | Published on 01/2002
There are about a dozen five-star hotels in Shanghai with different characteristics in architecture, facilities and services. These hotels undertake...

Free Parks in Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805309851 | Published on 01/2002
Eco-friendliness is a priority of Shanghai's urban construction. The past few years have witnessed the appearance of many large free parks downtown,...

Jinshan Peasant Painting
ISBN: 9787805305307 | Published on 01/2002
Located in the south-west suburbs of Shanghai and on Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District boasts beautiful scenery and rich soil, and it has long been...

New Cultural Structures in Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805309852 | Published on 01/2002
Shanghai has seen more cultural landmarks since the 1990s, some even with international impact. These structures help to promote the image of...

Old Calendar-Picture
ISBN: 9787805303061 | Published on 01/2002
Old calendar-picture are a kind of wonderful flower in the garden of Chinese painting. In the 20s through the 30s, calendar pictures were so loved by...

Shanghai Charm
ISBN: 9787805304459 | Published on 01/2001
Over 6,300 square kilometers, with a population of 13 mllion, Shanghai, only a town 700 years ago, has become a great cosmopolitan city. Since the...

Shanghai Today
ISBN: 9787805309876 | Published on 01/2002
Shanghai is beautiful. Shanghai is progressing. Besides its ever growing population and more and more skyscrapers, old Shanghai and modern Shanghai...

ISBN: 6934635900289 | Published on 01/2005
Shanghai is called "hu" or "shen" for short in Chinese. In 1292, Yuan Dynasty approved the establishment of Shanghai County in Huating County, which...

The Customs of Old Shanghai
ISBN: 9787805307385 | Published on 01/2002
Part of the charm of Shanghai is her flow. Acceping many types reveals the opening awareness and self-confidence of the citizens of Shanghai. In one...

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