Selected Works of Zhang Kai

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Author: Zhang Kai;
Format: Paper
Page: 122
Publication Date: 06/2011
ISBN: 9787561930571
Level: Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者

The HSK Center Academic Series is a series of collections of academic papers written by 12 teachers from the BLCU HSK Center, including the academic papers they have published on language testing and relevant subjects as well as some of their latest research findings. The whole series is made up of altogether 12 volumes. This volume has 9 papers in it, with the first 6 talking about language testing and the other 3 studying the problem of cheating on tests from such perspectives as sociology.

About the Author
Zhang Kai is a teacher in Beijing Language and Culture University whose major research interest goes to theories of language and language testing.
Selected Works of Zhang Kai