Selected Speeches of 2021 World Cities Day Events 2021

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Table of Contents
Preface Ⅰ (António Guterres)
Preface Ⅱ (Jiang Wanrong)
Preface Ⅲ (Maimunah Mohd Sharif)
Chapter 01 Urban Renewal and People's Urban Construction
Promoting High-quality Urban Construction to Empower People's High-quality Life /Yao Kai
Urban Organic Renewal and Community Integration /Feng Jingming
Significance and Content of Building Child-Friendly Cities / Liu Zhi
Sharing for a Better Life / Li Zhenyu
Chapter 02 Cultural Inheritance and Urban Soft Power Improvement
Cultural Soft Power from the Perspective of Global Cities /Fang Shizhong
Cultural Shaping of New City in Shanghai - Design of Longmen Pavilion in Fengxian District /Chang Qing
Shikumen and Its Revolutionary Secret / He Jianming
Using Media to Spread Positive Values and Enhance Shanghai's Soft Power /Song Jiongrming
Exploration and Innovation of Rural Revitalization in the Yangtze River Delta /Sun Feng
Chapter 03 Digital Governance and People-oriented Urban Practice
A Methodological Study on Al in the New Social Governance and Public Security /Ma Lizhuang
High-quality Development of Smart Cultural Tourism Empowered by Al /Yin Zhi
Practices of Governance in Digital Transformation in Jing'an District /Wang Hua
Practical Case of Intelligent Management of Large-scale Visitor Flow at 10th Flower Expo /Wang Yongkun
Chapter 04 Ecological Resilience and Sustainable Development
Resilient Cities and Sustainable Development / Zheng Shiling
Pilots of Building Climate Change-resilient Cities in China / Cao Ying
New Path of Urban Ecological Security - Resilient City Planning and Construction Measures /Wang Xiangrong
Bottom Line in Urban Landscaping for Resilience Building / Wang Panyan
Exploration and Practice of Ecogeological Survey, Protection and Restoration / Xiao Chunlei
Chapter 05 Development and Utilization of Urban Space under the Background of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality
City Building and Vertical Cities in the New Era of Achieving Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality / Qian Qihu
Urban Renewal and Community Construction under the Background of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality /Wang Kai
Contributing to the "Dual Carbon" Goals of the Construction Industry / Sun Ying
Thoughts on Development and Utilization of Underground Space in Urban Renewal / Liu Qianwei
Ecological Conservation and Restoration of Metropolitan Territorial Space for aProsperous, Beautiful China and a Better Life of the People - Envisioning the Next Journey of China's Urbanization / Yun Wenju
Chapter 06 Infrastructure Construction under the Pattern of Innovation
Discussion on Preliminary Study on Long and Large Vacuum Tunnel in Strait / Sun Jun
Strategy and Practice of Decarbonization in Underground Space Construction /Chen Xiangsheng
Research on the Design of Urban Comprehensive Transportation at Binhai Avenue of Super Headquarters Base in Shenzhen Bay /Ye Rong
Accelerating Capital Circulation and Quality Development in Infrastructure Development / Yang Jianqiang
Appendix: Theme Activities and Series Activities of World Cities Day 2021
Selected Speeches of 2021 World Cities Day Events 2021