Selected Modern Chinese Essays 1

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Table of Contents
National Crisis vs Heroic Nation By Li Dazhao
The Crab By Lu Xun
Peanuts By Xu Dishan
Mr. About-the-same By Hu Shi
Never Give up the Pursuit of Learning By Hu Shi
The Sight of Father's Back By Zhu Ziqing
Transient Days By Zhu Ziqing
Dreams By Ba Jin
Preface to the Torrent Trilogy By Ba Jin
Smile By Bing Xin
Stars on a Snowy Night By Bing Xin
Wayside Roses By Guo Moruo
The White Hair By Guo Moruo
Fond Memories of Peiping By Lao She
On Growing Flowers By Lao She
Tribute to White Poplar By Mao Dun
A Chat about Marriage By Yu Dafu
My Everlasting Dream and Pursuit By Xiao Hong
Wild Grass By Xia Yan
Love is not Game By llu Yin
If I were King By Nie Gannu
Honest Poverty By Fang Zhimin
Parting Sorrows By Zheng Zhenduo
Time is Life By Liang Shiqiu
Learning and Personal Inclination By Liang Shiqiu
Date Stones By Xiao Qian
On the Futility of Lliterary Criticism By Ji Xianlin
Loving Memories of Mother By Zhu De
The Lane By Ke Ling
A Slave Mother By Rou Shi
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Selected Modern Chinese Essays 1