Say It Now: A Complete Handbook of Chinese Idioms (Japanese Edition)

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Author: Guo Minghui; Isobe Yuko;
Language: Chinese, Japanese
Format: Books;
Page: 328
Publication Date: 11/2015
ISBN: 9787561942932
Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press
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Level: Intermediate

Say It Now: A Complete Handbook ofChinese Idioms includes 150 Chinese idioms most frequently used in Chinesepeople’s daily life. Different from traditional reference books about idioms,this book employs typical oral conversations where these idioms appear to vividlydisplay the situations of these idioms and define the occasions to use them. Onthis basis, it summarizes the most common usages and forms of idioms andsupplements them with fascinating word-guessing and solitaire games, thuscreating a new way for intermediate-level learners to learn Chinese idioms. This is the Japanese edition of the book, with the text laid outside-by-side in Chinese and Japanese, supported by humorous cartoonillustrations and printed in full color. It is pocket-sized, convenient forcarrying. The audios matching the book can be obtained by scanning the QR code orat The book can also be used with a separately sold MPR talking pen.

About the Author
Guo Minghui has engaged in the teaching of Chinese as a foreignlanguage for almost 20 years, successively serving at University of Toyama, ToyamaCitizens’ International Exchange Center, and Chinese Networking in Toyama. Guohas published several Chinese language books, including Learn Chinese & Know China, Pointand Learn Chinese Conversations and 1,500 Homonyms in Japanese and Chinese. Isobe Yuko is a professor in the Faculty of Humanities of the Universityof Toyama, with excellent Chinese and Japanese competences.
Say It Now: A Complete Handbook of Chinese Idioms (Japanese Edition)