Replantation and Reconstruction of Fingers

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The book is based on the experiences of authors in clinical practice with more than 4,000 cases of amputated finger replantation and nearly 1,100 cases of reconstruction of thumb and fingers. It includes three main parts of contents: amputated finger replantation, reconstruction of thumb and fingers, emergency reconstruction of hands. Other than the basic applied anatomy of hand and foot, long-term accumulation of the clinical experiences and operation skills are introduced to and shared with colleagues and all readers selflessly and earnestly, particularly, the detail description and demonstration of the various unusual types of amputated finger replantation. It reflects the current clinical situation of finger replantation and reconstruction in China, presents the uppermost status of the authors in the country or even in the world at the times. It will provide readers with a brand new thoughtway and methodology in clinical practice. Specific operative design and method for toe transplantation aimed to a given case of thumb/finger defeat fully satisfy the demands of both appearance and function from patients------Do as one please. Emergency hand reconstruction, forearm stump amputated finger ectopic replantation, initiated by Dr. Cheng, was designed to rebuild partial function of hand. It is actually a creative operation, a new method of plastic surgery, which saves the abandoned fingers for ectopic replantation on forearm stump on the basis of amputated finger replantation and emergency reconstruction of thumb/fingers. In the context of this book, the authors illustrated the operative indications, methods and cautions, as well as applied anatomy of finger replantation and reconstruction, confirmed by lots of real cases in their clinical practice. Surgeons in the fields of Orthopedics, Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery will do benefit from the contents of this book.
Replantation and Reconstruction of Fingers