Renmin University Journal of Legal Studies Volume 1

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Language: English
Format: 22.8 x 16.6 x 1.6 cm
Page: 289
Publication Date: 06/2015
ISBN: 9787511881045
Publisher: China Law Press
Table of Contents
Procedural Options and Procedural Categorization from the Perspective of Responsive Justice:Construction of the Civil Procedure System and Theoretical Reflection upon LegislationXIAO Jianguo
CrossBorder Insolvency Challenges in Economic Integration of Mainland China and the Hong Kong SARZHANG Xianchu
Recent Development in Australian Consumer LawsGail Pearson
Tax Judicature System Reform: An Identity Loss Progress and ProspectiveHU Tianlong
The Seven Systematic Innovations of the New “Securities Investment Fund Law of PRC”LIU Junhai
Too Strong for the Conflict,Too Weak for the Control:Unsolved Issues under Chinese Company Law FrameworkNg Ka Chun Carlton
The Parttime Judges of EnglandYU Luxue
How to Deliver a Successful Moot Court Oral Round: Advice from a Judge and a Public Speaking ExpertCharles Wharton & Jack Wharton
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There is no one legal definition of a consumer.Even in one set of legislation such as the Australian Consumer Law, there are differing definitional requirements.The main definition looks to the acquisition of goods and services and delineates this by reference to both the value and purpose of the acquisitron.This definition does not apply to all provisions in the ACL.Some protective provisions are not constrained by reference to a consumer.Others constrain the transaction by reference to the contract rather than the acquisition.In this case the delineation is by purpose alone and does not refer to value.
The provision of financial services is carved out from the ACL and dealt with in two separate regimes.The Australum Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 ( Cth) reflects the ACL consumer protection provisions for the purposes of financial services.Here, consumer is also defined with reference to value and purpose.While similar, the general economy notion of small business to clarify that services over the prescribed amount are excluded from the concept of consumer.
Renmin University Journal of Legal Studies Volume 1