Renmin University Journal of Legal Studies Volume 1

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Language: English
Format: 22.8 x 16.6 x 1.6 cm
Page: 289
Publication Date: 06/2015
ISBN: 9787511881045
Publisher: China Law Press
Table of Contents
Procedural Options and Procedural Categorization from the Perspective of Responsive Justice:Construction of the Civil Procedure System and Theoretical Reflection upon LegislationXIAO Jianguo
CrossBorder Insolvency Challenges in Economic Integration of Mainland China and the Hong Kong SARZHANG Xianchu
Recent Development in Australian Consumer LawsGail Pearson
Tax Judicature System Reform: An Identity Loss Progress and ProspectiveHU Tianlong
The Seven Systematic Innovations of the New “Securities Investment Fund Law of PRC”LIU Junhai
Too Strong for the Conflict,Too Weak for the Control:Unsolved Issues under Chinese Company Law FrameworkNg Ka Chun Carlton
The Parttime Judges of EnglandYU Luxue
How to Deliver a Successful Moot Court Oral Round: Advice from a Judge and a Public Speaking ExpertCharles Wharton & Jack Wharton
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Renmin University Journal of Legal Studies Volume 1