RED ROAD-384 days on the trail of Long March

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Two British scholars, Ed Jocelyn and Andrew McEwan, retraced the Red Army's Long March route in 384 days. They  interviewed veteran Long Marchers and witnesses, and took a  lot of photos along the way. This album contains photos that  eulogize the Red Army's historic endeavors and recorded great  changes that have taken place in people's lives in more than  half a century. This book is published to commemorate the 70th  anniversary of the victorious Long March by the Red Army.

About the Author
Ed Jocelyn was born in Sydnevt Australia,but moved to England at
the age of five.He grew up in Man—chester where his father taught at
the local university.After taking a Ph.D in history at the University of Brad—ford,he moved to China in 1997.has worked for a variety of newspaper and magazine publications in Beijing,but since 2001 has concemtrated on the New Long March Project.Ed lives in Beijing with his two cats,Xiao Mao"and Li Gui.
Andrew McEwen was born in Cape Town,South Africa,the son of a British naval commander and his Irish wife.He grew up in the naval port of Plymouth,England,He graduated from Essex University with a degree in political science,and has worked as a newspaper and magazine Journalist in England and the
USA.He first came to China in 1997.where he now works as a freelance writer and media consultant。
McEwen lives in Beijing with his two cats,Huzi(Tiger) and Mazi (Horse).
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RED ROAD-384 days on the trail of Long March