Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Urban Transplants

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What a joy to find a book like Real Iife Stories o/Migrant Workers and Urban Tranv)lants in English!Ina very important way.this book demonstrates how an understanding of the details of“ordinary’’individuallives can illuminate a society and culture in a way that biographies of leaders and SUccesstM people cannot.Making Chinese people accessible and visible to western readers is essential to an understanding of China.An Dun does it sensitively and beautifully
  ——Helen Praeger of Choosing Revolution:Chinese Women SoldieFs on fhe Long March
0ver the last three decades.several hundred million people have moved from the countryside to the citiesin China——probably the largest such migration tlux in human history.Who are they?How have they l:ared?In the vein ofStuds Terkel’S Working,or Ida Pruitt’S A Daughter of Han,An Dun has faithfully recordedthe stories of several dozen such people without embellishment——and they are truly moving!
  ——MichaeI Crook.Chairman.International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives

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They are far from home and every day is a struggle just to survive the city jungle They persevere and find a life for themselves or get eaten up.

This book contains the stories of ten migrant workers and urban transplants. The stories are presented as interviews. What do they think about their lives? What is their world like? These people persist amid the changing tapestry of ideals in contemporary China and we find they reflect, in different ways, the spirit of the Chinese people.

About Author
An Dun(Zhang Jieying)is a reporter at BeijingYouth Daily.She began working on case studiesof the“emotional state of modern Chinese,in1 995 from which she wrote Absolutely Private:Stories About the Feelings ofModern ChinesePeople.Other books include Going Home,LoveLetter,The Meeting ofStrangers,Without Tabooand Written on the Moon.She has two essay collections,Verb An Dun and The Rain fromHeaven.Her novels Fragments ofDesire,BurningLove,andLove You Harm You are all bestsellers.The film Stolen L/fe is based on her novel of the same title and was awarded top prize at 2005 Tribeca Film Festival,2005 International Film Festival of Kerala,and the 5th TiburonInternational Film Festival.The film We with An Dun as screenwriter,won the“Best Television Film''at 2005 China Film Golden Rooster Awards.She began her interviews for the project of The Chinese Dream in 2007.The first and the second volumes of the series were published Under the titles ofReal Llye Stories ofthe Young in Con-temporary China and Real Life Stories ofthe Common People in Contemporary China.

Table of Contents
A Mother's Role
Writing Is Rational "Resistance"
Repaying His Debt to Society
The Concerns of a "Black Agent"
A Kung Fu Guy and His Daydream
Like Father and Son
The Rocky Road to Living Well
Dealing with Broken Dreams
Dance for a Better Future
Perfect Ending
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Sample pages of Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Urban Transplants (ISBN:9787510418006,7510418003)

Sample pages of Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Urban Transplants (ISBN:9787510418006,7510418003)
When we came to Beijing,it was summer.We had heard that thesummers in Beijing are very hot,even hotter than in our hometown.I onlytook two jeans and a few sleeveless undershirts that could be worn in the hottest time in summer.Mom insisted on squeezing a jacket into myluggage.
Dad said to me,“Go,boy,when autumn comes,1 will send youwinter clothes.If you are doing well by then,you can refuse Dad’Sclothes and buy fashionable clothing by yourself in Beijing. When I came to Beijing,my family gave me 2,000 yuan.When Dadsaw me off to the railway station,he secretly slipped another 1,000 tome. He said to me,“Boy,you are not good at studying.When you get tothe city,you have to rely on yourself.You should learn more,ask moreand work hard.Don’t Iook at what you shouldn’t see and don’t sayanything that you shouldn’t say.Suffering a loss is a blessing andconcession iS self-protection.Don’t be ashamed to take the money givenby your family.In the future,if you are lucky,you will earn money andcan eat fish and meat.If you can’t earn enough money to buy fish andmeat,you can eat vegetables.If you can’t even afford vegetables,Dadwill pick you up and bring you home.’’
1 was really moved.For the first time.I felt that Dad was not theunreasonable fellow who pounded on the table and boasted afterdrinking.It was also the first time I noticed that Dad’S hair had becomethinner and was turning grey.
Uncle iS what I calf the reIative who took me to Beijing.Hed been asoldier.He had a comrade‘in-arms in Kunming who was also engaged inthe cigarette business.All our wholesale cigarees came from his friend.
On the way.Uncle shared a lot of business expertise and know-howwith me.He said that there were severaI businesses that were veryprofitable.The cigarette business was one of them;not for small,wholesale operators like US,but for cigarette producers and suppliers.

Real Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Urban Transplants