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The Power of Learning
ISBN: 9787568283427 | Publisher: Beijing Institute of Technology Press

Theory of Practical Cellular Automaton
ISBN: 9787512137899 | Publisher: Beijing Jiaotong University Press

Underground Engineering Ventilation Disaster Prevention & Enviornmental Control
ISBN: 9787114158193 | Publisher: China Communications Press

Vibration Utilization Engineering
ISBN: 9787568087650 | Publisher: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press
This book contains seven chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the formation and devel?opment of the Vibration Utilization Engineering; Chap. 2 devotes to...

Cantonese for Everyone (Jyutping version) (Second edition)
ISBN: 9789620705724 | Publisher: Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
This short course is meant for people who have no prior knowledge of Cantonese but have a strong desire to learn and a need for its use as soon as...

2023 Statistical Yearbook of China-ASEAN
ISBN: 9787523002506 | Publisher: China Statistics Press | Series: Statistical Yearbook of China-ASEAN

300 Song Lyrics Classified by Time
ISBN: 9787517609650 | Publisher: The Commercial Press

A Chinese English Anthology of Traditional Chinese Classics
ISBN: 9787542678843 | Publisher: Shanghai Joint Publishing House

A Chinese-English Bilingual Introduction to Ba Culture
ISBN: 9787564394264 | Publisher: Southwest Jiaotong University Press

A Dictionary of Chinese Folk Culture (Illustrated)
ISBN: 9787513824576 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press