Primary Chinese Exercise Book II

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Usage Advice: Used in classroom teaching of primary Chinese or self-study

Level: Elementary

Primary Chinese Exercise Book, a supplementary teaching material for elementary comprehensive Chinese textbooks, is compiled for foreigners studying Chinese in China. It is intended for students of long-term Chinese training programs or college freshmen majoring in Chinese. This book, divided into two volumes, can be used together with other textbooks for Chinese beginners. 


Language materials used in various types of exercises of this book are all based on real life. The answer keys attached are practical, close to life and with appropriate degree of difficulty. Students have to think them over and then use the right words to make appropriate answers which conform to the designated language environment and Chinese grammatical rules. This practice will help learners improve their language skills in real life. All the exercises have answer keys. Even if students are unfamiliar with a word, they can also understand its meaning with the help of answer keys and sample sentences provided. Therefore, this exercise book is a learning material which combines Chinese learning with practice.


This book is accompanied by four sets of test papers, two for each volume. Each set of test papers includes different types of questions. Information on designated scores and testing time as well as answer keys is provided. These papers can be used in mid-term and final term for reference. Questions can be changed, added, or deleted. For example, questions that closely related to the textbooks being used can be added, such as "Dictation", "Complete the sentences according to the text", "Answer the questions according to the text", "Decide whether the sentences are true or false according to the text", etc. These tests can be used for all types of testing purposes or self-study.

About the Author
Ying Junling, teacher in Beijing Language and Culture University, has published textbooks and works such as Simulated Tests of HSK, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Exercise Book, Chinese Idiomatic Phrases for Foreign Students, Illustration of Chinese Idioms, Handbook of Chinese Common Sayings, A Dictionary of Chinese Common Sayings, etc.
Primary Chinese Exercise Book II