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An Introductory Course in Medicine
ISBN: 7117087056, 9787117087056 | Published on 09/2007 | Series: Chinese-English Bilingual Textbooks for International Studies of Chinese TCM Institutions
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Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117147231 | Published on 12/2011
Features:Describes the full pathway of the main channel and secondary branches.Describes the meaning of the Chinese names of the points.Provides a...

Application of Chinese Formula Compatibility
ISBN: 9787117092067 | Published on 07/2008
This manual provides a detailed explanation of the combination rules of various herbal formulas, their effects, and clinical applications. It also...

Application of Chinese Forumla Compatibility (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117286442 | Published on 08/2019
Details the combination rules, essentials on the effects, and clinical applications of formulas. Discusses the core of the science of herbal formulas...

Application of Chinese Herbal Compatibility (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117260664 | Published on 03/2018
128 compatible herbal combinations together with Function, Application and Compatibility Analysis. Abundant case histories from the author's own...

Applications of Chinese Herbal Compatibility
ISBN: 9787117092081 | Published on 07/2008
Contains more than 120 compatible herb groups in combination with Function, Application and Compatibility Analysis. This title includes case...

Asma - Ayuda De La Medicina China: (Help from Chinese Medicine - Asthma)
ISBN: 9787117132213 | Published on 12/2010

Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis
ISBN: 9787117099608 | Published on 10/2008
Utilizing over 200 full-color photos of tongue pathologies and a practical, concise text, this work explains the application and significance of...
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Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 9787117231589 | Published on 09/2016 | Series: English Textbook Series of Beijing Univiersity of Chinese Medicine

Brochure:How Can Chinese Medicine Help My Diabetes?
ISBN: 9787117092159 | Published on 05/2008
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