Application of Chinese Forumla Compatibility (3rd Edition)

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  • Details the combination rules, essentials on the effects, and clinical applications of formulas.
  • Discusses the core of the science of herbal formulas and essential effects of combinations in formulas, from the change of action after combining in Chinese medicine.
  • Provides scientific analysis of 18 types of formulas, presents the rules of correct combining, and clarifies the mechanisms of medicinal combinations. The effects of dosage and the physiology of treatment are also explained.
  • Applies the scientific results of clinical research, experimental studies, and the pharmacology and chemistry of modem formulas.

Table of Contents
1.Formulas for Relieving the Exterior Syndromes
2.Purgative Formulas
3.Formulas for Harmonization and Resolution
4.Formulas for Clearing Heat
5.Formulas for Dispelling Summer-Heat
6.Formulas for Warming the Interior
7.Supplementing Formulas
8.Sedative Formulas
9.Formulas for Opening Orifices
10. Formulas for Stabilizing and Binding
11. Formulas for Rectifying Qi
12. Formulas for Quickening the Blood and Dispelling Stasis
13. Formulas for Stanching Bleeding
14. Formulas for Treating Wind Syndromes
15. Formulas for Dispelling Dampness
16. Formulas for Dispelling Phlegm
17. Formulas for Dispersing Food and Stagnation
18. Formulas for Expelling Worms
19. The Present Situation and Prospects of Research on the Combination of Formulas in Chinese Medicine
Using Debating Based on Fact to Direct the Study and Research on Medicinal Formulas
Opinions on Contentious Formulas in Formula Combinations
Postscript for Second Version
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Application of Chinese Forumla Compatibility (3rd Edition)