People-oriented Philosophy Ensuring People's Livelihood in China in the New Era

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Constantly meeting the ever-growing needs of the people for a better life is fundamental to China's efforts to ensure, improve and develop livelihoods. This book analyzes the connotation of ensuring people's livelihood in China in the new era, discusses their material and cultural needs for a better life, and puts forward five essentials for ensuring livelihoods in China in the new era. It also demonstrates the great achievements in developing people's quality of life in China in six aspects: poverty alleviation, system of national education, full and high-quality employment, construction of the world's largest social security system, housing for all, and development of a healthy and beautiful China.
With the multifaceted and well-balanced acceleration of its modernization, China has fully solved the enormous problem of providing basic necessities for over one billion people in the 20th century, and built a moderately prosperous society in all respects in the first two decades of the 21st century. Now, the Chinese people are striding forward towards a new era of common prosperity.

About Author
Zheng Gongcheng, Well-known expert on social security, distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor at Renmin University of China, director of China Social Security Research Center of Renmin University of China, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, president of the China Association of Social Security, editor-in-chief of Chinese Social Security Review. Professor Zheng's major research fields include theories and policies of social security, charity, labor and employment. He has long been devoted to the reform and exploration in the field of people's livelihood in China and published dozens of works in the above-mentioned fields, including Social Security: Idea, System, Practice and Reasoning, The Strategy of Social Security System Reform in China, Focusing on People's Livelihood: Interviews with Professor Zheng Gongcheng, as well as hundreds of academic articles. Many of his works have been published outside China, including in the United Kingdom, Canada and the Republic of Korea.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Connotation of Ensuring People's Livelihood in China in the New Era
1.1 Review on the Categories of People's Livelihood
1.2 Understanding of the Connotation of Ensuring People's Livelihood in China in the New Era

Chapter 2 Material and Cultural Needs and Needs for a Better Life
2.1 Hierarchy of Human Needs
2.2 Material and Cultural Needs
2.3 Needs for a Better Life

Chapter 3 The Core Essence of China's System for Ensuring People's Livelihood in the New Era
3.1 Commitment to the People-oriented Philosophy and Development Path of Common Prosperity
3.2 Meeting People's Needs for a Better Life and Constantly Promoting Well-Rounded Human Development
3.3 Improving Living Standards through Development to Ensure People's Livelihood and Well-Being
3.4 Committing to the Co-construction and Sharing, Obtaining Happiness through Hard Work
3.5 Resolving the Pressing and Urgent Issues Concerning the People the Most

Chapter 4 Winning the Battle against Poverty
Chapter 5 Running Education that People Are Satisfied With
Chapter 6 Achieving Fuller Employment and Better Quality Jobs
Chapter 7 Building the World's Largest Social Security System
Chapter 8 Ensuring Housing for All the People
Chapter 9 Building a Healthy and Beautiful China
Sample Pages Preview
People-oriented philosophy is distinctive value orientation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, which is reflected in the political, economic, social, cultural, ecological and other aspects of the thought system, and more importantly, in a series of profound arguments related to people's livelihood. It inherits and develops the view of people's livelihood in Marxist and Mao Zedong Thought. It is a comprehensive development and systematic innovation on the view of people's livelihood in the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the times. Its core essence is to adhere to people-oriented philosophy of development, follow the development path of common prosperity, and continuously improve the people's well-being to realize all-round development of human beings. The most important theoretical characteristic of the philosophy lies in the character of the people. The political statements as people-centered theory, people-subject theory and people-supreme theory reflect our fundamental political stance, which need to be embodied by the level and quality of people's livelihood and meeting the people's needs for a better life. In order to highlight the people's status, we should always adhere to the premise of people-oriented philosophy to serve the people, meet their needs for a better life, strive to promote their well-being, and perfect people's livelihood guarantee system to ensure that all the people may have more fulfillment, happiness and security in the development of joint contribution, shared benefits, consultation and governance, so as to promote well-rounded human development and achieve common prosperity for everyone. As an organic and important part of the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Xi Jinping's important statements on people's livelihood focusing on meeting the people's needs for a better life from all aspects expounded that seeking happiness for the people is the essence of the Communist Party of China, and taking the road of common prosperity is the nature of socialism with Chinese characteristics. These statements told us what philosophy and path we should take to address the livelihood issues in China's development, what strategies and measures we should adopt to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life, and what institutional arrangements we should continuously promote and guarantee the comprehensive development of human beings, which is of great significance to guide the construction of livelihood system and the healthy and sustainable development of people's livelihood.
People-oriented Philosophy Ensuring People's Livelihood in China in the New Era