Panorama of Reform and Opening-Up in China 1978-2012

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Table of Contents
National Science Conference held 
Discussion on distribution according to work 
Great discussion on the issue of the criteria of truth 
Resumption of the college entrance examination 
Farmers in Xiaogang Village fixed responsibilities for each household 
Starting Chinas housing reform 
Deng Xiaoping's north talks 
Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held 
Expanding enterprise autonomy 
China and the United States announced the establishment of diplomatic relations 
Deng Xiaoping's Visit to the United States 
Resumption of domestic insurance business 
Conference for discussing principles of theoretical work 
Putting forward the policy of "adjustment, reform, reorganization and improvement" 
Establishing special economic zones 
Enterprise management system reform 
Making great efforts to support township and village enterprises 
Redressing cases involving unjust 
Xiangyang people's commune in Guanghan County, Sichuan Province revoked 
On the Reform of the System of Party and State Leadership by Deng Xiaoping 
The beginning of fiscal system reform 
Issuing treasury bills for the first time 
Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of 
China adopted Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party Since the Founding of the 
People's Republic of China 
Shashi City: Chinas first pilot project of comprehensive urban economic restructuring 
First macro-control 
"EEC-China Trade Week" 
Family contract responsibility system with remuneration linked to output and first 
No. 1 document on rural work 
"One country, two systems" 
Mogan Mountain conference held 
The first reform of government departments after the beginning of reform and Opening-up. 
Negotiations on the Hong Kong question 
Twelfth National Congress of the CPC held 
Second No. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee issued
Trying out the labor contract system, breaking "iron rice bowls" 
First national conference on ideological work for workers held 
State-owned enterprises' trials of replacement of profit delivery by taxes 
Official establishment of the state's central bank system
Separating the functions of communes and the government and 
establishing township governments 
14 coastal port cities opened up 
China's first joint-stock company established 
3rd Plenary Session of the 12th cPC Central Committee held,ushering in comprehensive reform of the economic system 
Bashan Cruise Conference 
Publishing of Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on 
Scientific and Technological System Reform 
Indicating the beginning of educational system reform 
"Spark Plan" 
A major step to reform the management of state-owned enterprises 
Enterprise declared bankrupt for the first time 
Price control further relaxed, allowing the market to play a fundamental role in 
allocation of resources 
The Opening of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 
Putting forward the "Three-step" Strategic Objectives 
Establishing the Operation Mechanism of"Regulation of the Market by the State and Guidance of Enterprises by the Market" 
Individual Income Regulation Tax 
The township Enterprises had become the Main Force of the Rural Economy 
The Official Signing of The Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration 
Launch of the reform of the urban housing system 
Actively Participating in "Greater International Circulation" 
A legal status for the private sector of the economy 
A provincially-run special economic zone in Hainan 
The second government institutional restructuring 
Carrying out Improvement and Rectification, Deepening Reform 
The first state-level new and hi-tech industrial development zone 
Economists from both Sides of the Taiwan Straits Held a "Secret Symposium" 
Gorbachev visiting China 
Putting down the political disturbance in 1989 
Convening of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee 
Deng Xiaoping resigned Chairman of Central Military Commission 
Approval of The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 
Development and Opening-Up of Pudong 
Clearing "chain debt" 
Founding of Shanghai Stock Exchange 
Great Dispute over Socialism and Capitalism 
Ten- Year Layout for National Economy and Social Development and Eighth Five-Year Plan (draft) of the People's Republic of China 
Shenzhen Stock Exchange opened 
The State Council issued the Decision on the Reform of the Old-age 
Insurance System for Employees of Enterprises 
The Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits was established 
South Tour Speech of Deng Xiaoping 
Planned prices gradually replaced by market price 
The Fourteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China held 
China Securities Regulatory Commission established 
The basic framework of socialist market economy system was established 
Restructuring of government administration for the third time to establish 
the system of adnistrative control adapted to socialist market 
Temporary Regulation of Civil Servants 
The State Council released the Decision on Reform of the Financial System 
Food coupons retired from the stage of history 
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Sample pages of Panorama of Reform and Opening-Up in China 1978-2012 (ISBN:9787508524047) 

Sample pages of Panorama of Reform and Opening-Up in China 1978-2012 (ISBN:9787508524047) 

This conference focused on discussing the direction of Chinas reform. According to the central themes of price reform strategy,assumption of sole responsibility for profits or losses by industrial enterprises, central cities' multiple functions to be brought into full play, the opening-up of 14 coastal cities,financial system reform, the development and management of stock economy, changes in the rural industrial structure, and the government's current economic functions,eight special groups were formed for discussions. Among them, the discussion and exploration of financial system reform and stock economy were most farsighted then. At this conference, the debate focusing on price reform strategy was the most heated. 
This conference put forward a series of specific reform plans and thoughts for urban economic restructuring which would be carried out in a short time. Seven special reports have been completed and submitted to the CPC Central Committee on September 15: Two Thoughts"on Price Reform, Several Issues Related to Price Reform, Assumption of Sole Responsibility for Profits or Losses by Enterprises Should Begin in Small State-owned Enterprises and Collective Enterprises, Recommendations on Several Issues of the Opening-up oil4 Coastal Cities, Several Opinions on Financial System Reform, Several Issues on the Development and Management of Stock Economy and Grain Purchase and Sale System Reform and Changes in the Rural Industrial Structure. 
On October 10, Premier of the State Council Zhao Ziyang wrote: "Two Thoughts on Price Reform" is very enlightening. Later,Two Thoughts on price,Reform and Several Issues Related to Price RefOrm formed at theconference were soon officially adopted by the CPC Central Committee.
Panorama of Reform and Opening-Up in China 1978-2012