One World: Bridging the Communication Gap

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"It's a Foreigner You Are Meeting";On Getting Along with Others; The Citizen's Duty as a Diplomat; A Smile - The Language That Needs No Translation; "Don't All Chinese Know Kung Fu?"; It's an Expression of Feeling, Not a Philosophical Standpoint; Patience Is Another Form of Respect; No Need for a "Double Standard"; It Is Impolite Not to Return Thanks for Help Received; "lnfosphere" and "Media Diplomacy"; An Apple Tastes Better Than Vitamin C; What Is a Dragon's Head? The Servant with Two Masters; When You Speak to a Reporter, You Are Speaking to the Public; As Seen in a Funhouse Mirror: The Media; A Chinese Romeo and Juliet; Marseille vs. Lyon; Growth and Modesty; Friendship First and Competition Second; Enjoy Victory with Delight; Accept Defeat without Rancor; "Getting Revenge" and "Wiping out the Troops"; Confront Foreign Politicians Who "Speak without Scruples"; From Eyeglasses to Nuclear Bombs; "Rightfully and Forcefully" vs. "Rightfully and Peacefully"; "Green Mountain" and "White Iron" Remain; Happy to Give Directions; Unforgettable Tour Guides; Quick in Action, Prompt in Speech; "Punctuality Is a Kingly Virtue"; Taxi Drivers - Spokespeople for a City; "Wow, This Is Exactly What I Need!"; Can One Ever Be Too Courteous?; "No Entry to Unauthorized Persons" etc.; "Come On, the Foreign Guests Are Here!"; "Mind Your Own Business"; "Why Doesn't He Look at Me?"; Sorry: Not an Easy Word; The Intangible "Relationship"; Cheers, but Why Must I Drink?; Yao Ming's Pledge; Scary "Boiling Fish with Head Alive"; I Don't Eat "Fried Scorpion"; "Cannot Eat It Up? Then Take It Home."; Lost in Luxury?; Courtesy or Credibility; You Thought They Would Not Hear You; "Asians Are Loud When They Call?"; The Art of Cheering; CCTV or "Xi Xi Ti Wei"
One World: Bridging the Communication Gap