Nv Wa Mends the Sky

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Author: Feng Jiannan;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 23.6 x 17.4 x 1 cm
Page: 38
Publication Date: 03/2015
ISBN: 9787511013309
Publisher: Dolphin Book

When Pan Gu separates the sky from the earth, there are no human beings in the world. Then, Nv Wa comes to the world and makes a lot of human beings with the dirt, and there are human beings from then on. Due to the fight among the gods in the sky, the sky is broken and the water of the sky river flows to the earth, becoming flood. Human beings are on the verge of destruction. Afterwards Nv Wa sacrifices herself to mend the sky, and finally she saves human beings.

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Sample pages of Nv Wa Mends the Sky (ISBN:9787511013309) 

Sample pages of Nv Wa Mends the Sky (ISBN:9787511013309)

Nv Wa Mends the Sky