Nezha Shakes the Seas

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Author: Chu Yi;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 23.6 x 17.2 x 1 cm
Page: 45
Publication Date: 03/2015
ISBN: 9787511013439
Publisher: Dolphin Book

The Governor of Chentangguan Li Jings wife gave birth to his son Nezha after three years pregnancy. One day, Nezhas friend was caught by the soldier of the Eastern Sea. In order to save his friend, Nezha killed the third son of Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. Dragon Kings were so angry that they wanted to inundate Chentangguan. Nezha killed himself to save people living in Chentangguan. In the end, Nezha was saved by a god and returned to life. He went on protecting people of Chentangguan.

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Sample pages of Nezha Shakes the Seas (ISBN:9787511013439) 

Sample pages of Nezha Shakes the Seas (ISBN:9787511013439)

Nezha Shakes the Seas