Vocabulary List for New HSK Level 3 (300 words)

IDuidChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDuidChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
11869阿姨 阿姨 ā a1 yi2auntie; step-mother; mother's younger sister
21870 aa5ah; (particle showing elation, doubt, puzzled surprise, or approval)
31871 ǎiai3short; low
41872爱好 愛好 ài hàoai4 hao4hobby; fond of; to like; interest
51873安静 安靜 ān jìngan1 jing4quiet; peaceful; calm
61874 ba3(mw for things with handles); (pretransitive particle); to hold
71875 bānban1team; class; squad
81876 bānban1to move; to transport
91877办法 辦法 bàn ban4 fa3method; way (of doing something)
101878办公室 辦公室 bàn gōng shìban4 gong1 shi4office
111879 bànban4half; semi-; incomplete
121880帮忙 幫忙 bāng mángbang1 mang2to help
131881 bāobao1to cover; to wrap; to hold; include; (mw for containers, packages, etc.)
141882 bǎobao3eat until full; satisfied
151883北方 北方 běi fāngbei3 fang1north; the northern part of the country
161884 bèibei4by (indicates passive voice sentences); a quilt/blanket
171885鼻子 鼻子 zibi2 zi5nose
181886比较 比較 jiàobi3 jiao4compare; contrast; relatively
191887比赛 比賽 sàibi3 sai4(sports) match; competition
201888笔记本 筆記本 běnbi3 ji4 ben3notebook