Meaning of 搬

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Total strokes: 13; Radical: ; Structure: 扌 + 般
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 搬

Pinyin: bān
English Definition: to move (i.e. relocate oneself); to move (sth relatively heavy or bulky); to shift; to copy indiscriminately
Chinese Definition:

Example Words:
搬家 [ bān jiā ]: to move house; removal
搬运 [ bān yùn ]: freight; transport; portage; to transport; to carry
照搬 [ zhào bān ]: to copy; to imitate
搬兵 [ bān bīng ]: to call for reinforcements; to bring in troops
搬出去 [ bān chū ]: to move out (vacate); to shift sth out