Nationwide compilation of the local water finance statistics 2004

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To meet the situation of water development and reform to meet the water industry to develop financial management and research related financial needs of economic policy in 2004, I restored the local water conservancy department of financial statements preparation and reporting of statistical work. The report is a comprehensive set of administrative institutions to reflect local water year types of capital investment and expenditure report, by the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities with independent planning and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the financial sector at all levels of reporting system, step by step through the network reported the preparation and review together to form the statistical basis for the annual financial budgets and final accounts. Statement by the five tables full composition, the basic situation of water resources industry into the table, the income table, expenditure table, Water Management Units and the income and expenditure of rural water points table and the governmental funds and administrative fees revenue and expenditure tables. In 2004, 37 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cities with independent planning and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, 36 into the statistical range (excluding Shanghai). The set of statements by the Division I organize the newspaper and hearing, and Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute of Finance and Statistics for editing the system to bear the development and operation and maintenance. This compilation brings together the local water industry in 2004 National Summary of financial statistics and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Water Sector summary of financial statistics, for the water system at all levels of leadership, financial departments and relevant departments to carry out the relevant operational staff work see. A statistical range of local water finance statistics statements focus on the statistical range of the water administrative departments at all levels of management attached to the various administrative institutions and in accordance with the centralized water sector institutions to manage and community organizations. Water conservancy department-owned or invested by institutions, with independent legal person status, the independent accounting enterprises (companies), and in accordance with national policies on the reform, has been transformed into business units for water resources management and scientific research institutions and management of income and expenditure situation, not the set of statements of statistics, its agencies, personnel and assets only in the basic situation was reflected in the table. Second, statistical methods according to the principles of financial management at different levels, where water levels of financial autonomy to the preparation of statistical reports, audit, level by level, aggregated form. Summary statements of the water administrative departments at all levels by the level statements and their (the preparation of the county, county to county compiled the following summary report) the water administrative departments at all levels by collecting statements, including statements by the grade level authorities and their administrative unit annual budgets and final accounts are compiled summary. The final report reflects the formation of provinces and provincial-level statistics for all administrative units within the year all of the financial balance of payments. Third, the basic profile places across the country in 2004 (sub-Shanghai) Total the range of 29,957, of which administrative units 2677, accounting for 8.94% of statistical units, institutions, 12,657, accounting for 42.25% of statistical units, enterprises and other units of 14,623, accounting for 48.81% of statistical units. Water workers 130.84 million, of which, 47.45 million the number of workers of administrative units. Total assets of 830.504 billion yuan, of which the administrative institutions hold assets of 203.146 billion yuan. Fourth, the balance of payments in 2004 the total national income of the local water conservancy administrative institutions to 88.738 billion yuan, of which 53.523 billion yuan financial allocation, 60.32% of total income, business income was 4.377 billion yuan, 4.93% of total income, extra income of 1.823 billion yuan, 2.05% of total revenue, operating income of 14.754 billion yuan, 16.63% of total revenue. Operating income of which is the main administrative units to complete administrative tasks in addition to carrying out business activities of non-independent accounting of income received. 2004 National Water Resources administrative units where the total expenditure of 77.635 billion yuan. Annual expenditure in GDP (GDP), accounting for 0.49%, the proportion of total financial expenditure was 2.73%, the proportion of total expenditure for supporting agriculture was 33.21%, which, for water Capital expenditures for the 23.885 billion yuan, 30.77% of total expenditures, water expenditures (operating expenses) 41.849 billion yuan, 53.90 percent of total expenditures, and other types of expenditures for 11.901 billion yuan , 15.33% of total expenditure. Total expenditure, the basic expenses 19.79 billion yuan, 25.49 percent of total expenditures, project expenditures 42.751 billion yuan, 55.07 percent of total expenditures. 5, Water Management Units aggregate balance of payments situation in 2004 the cause of the nature of various types of pipe unit (not including rural water station) 9930, 49.35 million workers, water units and total income of rural water conservancy stations 28808000000 yuan, of which 9.301 billion yuan financial allocation, 32.29% of total revenue, operating income of 16.467 billion yuan, 57.16% of total revenue. Total expenditure for the 30.564 billion yuan, of which 10.464 billion yuan of basic expenditures, expenditures for repair and maintenance works 1.793 billion yuan. 6, the governmental funds and administrative charges of government funds and in 2004 administrative fees totaled 17.891 billion yuan, of which the government of the Fund's income in accordance with the practical arrangements for the water industry, the amount of statistics, the practical arrangements for the number 43. 0.1 billion yuan, administrative fees and income 13.591 billion yuan; governmental funds and administrative fees total expenditure of 11.194 billion yuan. .
Table of Contents
1, Summary Table 1
Second, local reports 2
1 1l Beijing
2 Tianjin 16
3 Chongqing 21
4 of 26 in Heilongjiang Province
5 Jilin 3l
6 of 36 in Liaoning Province
7, 41 in Hebei Province
8, 46 in Shanxi
9 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 51
10 Henan 56
11, 61, Shandong Province
12, 66 in Shaanxi Province
13, 71 in Gansu Province
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 76 14
15 Qinghai 81
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 86 16
17, 91 in Hubei Province
18 Hunan 96
19, 101, Jiangsu Province
20, 106 in Anhui Province
21 Zhejiang lll
22, 116 Jiangxi Province
23 Fujian, 12l
24, 126 in Guangdong Province
131 25 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
26 136 Hainan Province
27 Sichuan 14]
28, 146 in Yunnan Province
29, 151 in Guizhou Province
30, 156 Tibet Autonomous Region
159 31 Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
32 Dalian 164
Xiamen, 33 16.9
Qingdao 34 174
35 Ningbo City, 179
36 Shenzhen 184
Nationwide compilation of the local water finance statistics 2004